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Beware of bad apples

Not everyone that says “Lord, Lord” will be saved! Similarly not everyone who says “Our Lady, Our Lady” is pleasing to heaven either! Bad apples are everywhere, especially when religion, power and politics are involved!! Happy celebration of the apparitions at Medjugorje, may all you Medjugorje lovers become the apostles of love that Our LadyContinue reading “Beware of bad apples”


TRUE OR FALSE, Our Lady and Gays!!

3 short videos! Let’s play true or false with Gospa and gays! Our Lady hates gays? TRUE OR FALSE? Our Lady wants you to be single if you are gay and catholic? TRUE OR FALSE? If you are already in a gay relationship, Our Lady wants to break it up! TRUE OR FALSE? Join meContinue reading “TRUE OR FALSE, Our Lady and Gays!!”

Gay missionaries enter the world of grinder, gay beaches, gay sex with the love of Jesus!

Michael & Seamus describe how the Holy Spirit led them from Medjugorje into the heart of the gay world in Bosnia & Herzegovina and Croatia with the love and mercy of Jesus…. See what happens with the church and gay communities!